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Southeast Paddle Sports Series


SEPSeries Classes


  • Junior (15-17)

  • Open

  • Masters (50 – 64)

  • Masters (65 – 74)

  • Masters (75+)

Age classes for single paddler craft are determined by a paddler’s age on race day, except that a paddler may race in the Open or younger adult (18+) classes.  The age class for multiple paddler craft (K2, C-2, OC-2, SUP-2 and SUP-4) is Open, except that the age of the youngest adult (18+) paddler may be used as the Age class for the team. 


  • Male

  • Female

  • Mixed



  • HPK – High Performance Kayak and Surfski

  • FSK – Fast Sea Kayak and Surfski

  • SK – Sea Kayak and Surfski

  • REC – Recreational Kayak

  • K-2 –Tandem Kayak and Surfski

  • C-1 – Canoe

  • C-2 –Tandem Canoe

  • OC-1 – Outrigger Canoe

  • OC-2 – Tandem Outrigger Canoe

  • SUP 12’6″ and under

  • SUP 14′ and under

  • SUP Unlimited

  • SUP-2 Person Board

  • SUP-4 Person Board

  • Prone

  • Pedal


Boat Definition:

  • Kayak – boat paddled with a double blade paddle.

  • Canoe – boat paddled with a single blade paddle.



  • Advanced (Long)

  • Intermediate (Short)



At year end, certificates  will be awarded for points accumulated in 1. individual classes in either long or short courses and in 2. your total for all classes in all races. 


You can earn the following points per race:

  • 1st place=60 points

  • 2nd place=50 points

  • 3rd place=40 points

  • 4th place=30 points

  • 5th place=20 points

  • All others=10 points

Kayak Classes - Dimensions

Kayak and surf ski class dimensions are based  on waterline length to width ratios (L:W)

4″ waterline length to width ratio published by the Sound Rowers Club Dimensions as modified by the Cape Ann Rowing Club :

  • HPK – High Performance Kayak. Unlimited – No specs

  • FSK – Fast Sea Kayak L:W< 11.25

  • SK – Sea Kayak. L:W< 9.25. 


Kayak Classification- Sound Rower 

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